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Warm Summer Nights

There is a brief window in Wisconsin when the weather is just right. Don't blink or you may miss it! No humidity, just enough breeze to keep the bugs away, and of course the perfect temperature. The air is filled with the sweetness from surrounding wildflowers and trees. Lightning bugs are flashing their rhythmic patterns. Really, nothing quite compares. Even though I've lived here 43 years, I'm still amazed by its beauty. And every year my list grows of new amazing places I want to explore.

I only discovered McCarthy Park just last year. Unfortunately, the mosquitos were so bad because of a very rainy season, we couldn't stay long. However, this year I've had the chance to head there for some evening sessions. I must say, I wasn't disappointed! I was really excited when my good friend Jamie, of Jamie Strehlow Photography asked me to do her family pictures there! The session ended with a lovely orange sunset!


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