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Spring Came Late to Wisconsin

One of my favorite times of the year is Spring! I love when everything wakes up from the long cold winter and breaths a breath of color into our drab landscapes. This year Mother Nature couldn't decide if she wanted to wake up or not. We had to contend with some early winter storms that delayed the blossoming of many varieties of trees. But finally....a couple of weeks ago spring arrived! We went from the black and white version of Wisconsin to the Technicolor version.

One problem I have as a mom is that I'm never in pictures. I see this as a problem for a lot of moms. For this reason I decided that I will do an annual Mommy & Me Blossom session to get mom in the pictures with her babies.

I advertised these sessions in April. We all patiently waited for the blossoms to come to life! Finally, with a break in the rainy cold weather, we met at a quaint apple orchard just outside Deerfield, Wi. The forecast didn't look great. It was windy and chilly during the day. But just a few hours before sunset the day improved! By the time we arrived, we had a gorgeous night with some sun. And one perk to it being slightly chilly was that there were no bugs in sight!

In these sessions we celebrate the immense amount of work that it takes to be a mom. The ups and downs of our everyday lives with our children. The hugs, the boogers, and the million diaper changes. We bow to you moms everywhere!

mom with children cuddling and laughing with children under a tree
Mom was able to get everyone settled on the blanket for a quick tickle and cuddle.


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