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After many a months of hunkering down for winter, I'm busting at the seams to get out and shoot. Whenever I'm out and about, my eyes are always on the prowl for new beautiful places to shoot sessions at. Sometimes it involves a little sleuth work to figure out who owns the property to ask for permission. Other times I get to revel in knowing that I live in this beautiful state and have an abundance of free parks at little to no drive involved. This short journey took me to Indian Lake Park. It's a beautiful, understated park just outside of Madison. Since I had my own four kids in tow for this scouting adventure, I didn't get to see much of the park. But it didn't take us going far to see the beauty this park had to offer. We picnic'd at the new shelter with our bags of Culvers and wished we had the time and firewood to partake in the spectacular built- in fire pit. Just across the road is Halfway Prairie. Sitting on a rolling hill, the ruins of the old Matz farmstead remain. It served as a gorgeous backdrop to pictures of my daughters.


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