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Perfection at Indian Lake

I've known Emily for several years now. She works with my husband at Promega. The first time I met her was at a Fourth of July pool party. She was so friendly and personable. I was at a party where I knew no one and she made me feel very welcomed! Not to mention...she looked fab in a bikini! When I heard a romance was brewing between her and another Promegian, I was secretly crossing my fingers that this was it. And sure enough, it was! I was overjoyed when they asked me to do their engagement pictures! Fiance Luke is a fisherman. So when Emily mentioned that she would like to have the session at a location with a lake, I immediate thought of the tranquil Indian Lake Park in Cross Plains. The night could not have been more perfect! #taramckuenphotographyco #madisonwiphotographer #engagementpics #indianlake #wedding


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